Trust, Love,Learn and Focus

Trust, Love,Learn and Focus

Some people are content to work five days a week in a job they don’t like and only “live”for the weekends. Then you get those people who rebel against the expectation of society and seek more out of life.  I am one of these people. I have never had an average life. I lost my parents at a young age from drugs.  I was forced to live with an abusive family, who would taunt me with a daily reminder that I would never be anything in life and would probably end up dead like my parents. All the negative experiences made me stronger and more determined to change my life, it showed me what I didn’t want to be like.

One day I watched people in a food court.  I noticed that some families seemed to be on a generational path, I call them “sheep”. I noticed two families, one with parents apparently on welfare explaining to their children that working a minimum wage job was for stupid people when you could get money for nothing.  The second, a working class family talking about how their kids grades were important so they wouldn’t be stuck in a nine to five job earning the minimum wage.

These observations were even more interesting on a spiritual level. There was a low, lazy energy of the dole bulging family, not happy and complaining about how low their benefits were. The energy of the working class family also negative and was dominated by blockages.  They simply did not believe they could change their lives and felt stuck in a way.

I strive to not end up with an average life. I work hard in a nine to five job, but I know I am destined for more then just living for the weekend, and hoping to climb the corporate ladder. I am one of those people who stop and look around a few times a day and remind my self what I don’t want to end up like.

This is why I have started my small business not only making spiritual candles but also doing readings, cleanings and blogging. I aspire to create something. I plan to have my own cafe/shop/healing centre. My goal is clear, I surround my self with creative people every day putting what I want out to the universe. I appreciate the struggles as well as the profitable times knowing that I am getting stronger and gaining more knowledge to move closer and closer to my goal.

In my last relationship I felt stuck which stifled my progress. Through meditation I asked my guides what I needed to do in order to remove theses blockages. I was shown that I was not only stuck on the business side but also in my relationship.  For example, to me objects are only objects and if broken they can always be replaced, but to my partner at the time, objects were the most important things in the world. I felt as though I had become an object for him to own.  I noticed he would always be very petty when it came to personal possessions. Not precious family heirlooms or anything important like that, but ordinary everyday possessions. One day a neighbour who borrowed my partner’s fashion magazine. He started to complain how long she had kept it even though he hadn’t looked at it for a year. After a few days she knocked on the door to return it and said she had slightly damaged the front cover trying to get a sticker off. I told her not to worry as it was only a magazine.

the mag.jpg

When my partner returned he spotted the magazine and placed it away in the never to be read again pile. I told him about the damage and he became instantly enraged.  I tried to calm him down reminding him it was only a magazine and not a living thing, but of course this did not help. He then sent her an abusive text message berating her for damaging his precious magazine. After seeing his irrational outburst our relationship was irreversibly damaged.

From past relationships I learnt the hard way not to ignoring my intuition. I would like to point out the closer I am to someone the harder it is for me to read them. One of my spiritual teachers explained it is like that with many psychics. It’s an automatic response not wanting to know anything negative that would harm us emotionally. She also explained that everything happens for a reason and all we can do is move forward.

I noticed my relationship was turning toxic and  I was feeling very distant from him. I asked if he would go to couples counselling with me. He sneered and said he was not the one who needed counselling. With the relationship becoming more and more distant I started to be able to read him. Using psychometry I was picking up on certain things like  the 2 hour shopping trips he would take. I would pick up on other men, and noticed he would come back with a gift that consisted of highly concentrated guilt energy. I  confronted him about my vision and I would not accept his gift. I was physically pushed down on the couch while he told I was being stupid.

Some months prior I noticed he had started to take over parts of my business with my spiritual candles. He advised me he could do it better and I would have no choice. I received strong confirmation from my guides to stick up for my self. I told him he could make one batch only, but one turned in to many more. He then went behind my back and placed an order of different scents like candy floss. I advised him that I had put in the hard yards carefully selecting the scents after hours of research as they are spiritual candles. He told me that there could be a seperate range and that I was being selfish.

Not happy with how thing where going and getting constant reminders from my guides that this was the reason for my blockages, I threatened to leave him. I explained we were so far apart I could read him like a book which he did not like. He taunted me with the fact I was an orphan and told I would be living under a bridge with my cat because I had no one. This was followed by mental and physical abuse until I decided to seek professional help. My psychologist advised me to take back some control in the relationship and to get my bank card back from him. When I asked for my card back he accused me of being financially irresponsibly and I couldn’t be trusted to handle my own finances.


After many days of meditation and advice from close friends I made the decision to give him one last chance for all the years I’d put in to the relationship. When he came home he noticed two coffee cups in the sink and asked who had been over. He, for reasons unknown, was not my best friends biggest fan and jumped to the conclusion she had been over trying to make me hate him. He then gave me the ultimatum, it was him or her. After sticking up for my friend I asked him for my card back and was told yet again, no. I decided to end the relationship there and then after months of trying to make it work, I could see it just wasn’t going to. I wasn’t allowed to take any of my candle stock as he wanted to continue with candle making. I just wanted to leave. The energy in the apartment was disgusting. I Let him keep everything we had accumulated over 4 years and only took the few things that belonged to me.  The other  objects were not as important as my health. I did however have to leave my cat with her sister. She was already suffering from anxiety and I didn’t think she could cope with any more.  He agreed to keep her.

Now I am heading in the right direction. Focussing on what I want and making it happen even faster. Making my candles even more powerful, collaborating with other artists.   I was welcomed with open arms to stay in a safe place until I find my feet. My lessons learned were never loose focus, never let anyone else handle your finances, don’t regret or forget and never let any one make you feel any less of a person.

My Blog will continue as I have many more experiences to share.

X So Mote It Be X


Dating The Psychic Way

I like everyone else on this earth wanted to find my soul mate, but I wanted to keep my abilities to my self, or so I tried. People automatically assume I’d have the upper hand in meeting some one, and jump to the conclusion I would know everything about a significant other.  This is simply not true.  I can confirm that if I were meeting someone in a crowded place and attempted to read that person it would take so much energy and a lot of  concentration, I would end up with a colossal headache.

I can however, unwillingly use my intuition on the first date.  For example with a simple handshake in the right circumstances I can automatically pick up something about that person. Maybe if they are trustworthy or if the person has the right intentions towards the date. If the date is in a quiet area I can empathically feel the energy behind what the person is saying.  It’s not intentional but it just happens because I’m curious at the same time.

I got to the stage of wanting more a out of a relationship. Unfortunately I decided to ignore my intuition after meeting this guy online who seemed really down to earth, easy going and genuinely nice.  His one non-negotiable pet hate was smoking.  I told him I was a smoker but I was willing to try quitting.  After meeting him I wanted to see how he would react when I revealed my psychic abilities to him. To my surprise he was very interested and insisted on taking me back to his hometown in Tasmania for my birthday. I had always wanted to go, it was renowned for many ghost encounters which of course sparked my interest.

We spent some time together in Melbourne while he was in town on business. I was treated to a few nights on the town, five star accommodation, the works!. I started to have strange dreams about being presented as a trophy. My spiritual teacher at the time advised me if I ignored my psychic intuition it would find a way of come thought in other ways such as dreams.

After arriving in Tasmania I made the decision to tune back in. Entering his apartment I did just that and I sensed an extremely tense energy. I also noticed the precise, almost OCD arrangement of everything inside. It was cold and clinical. He immediately advised me that all windows and doors were to be kept locked and under no circumstance were they to be opened.  As he spoke I noticed he took the keys and placed them on his keychain.

I immediately felt on edge and I started to find him quite difficult to read. He told me he was taking me to dinner but what he didn’t tell me was that it was a surprise birthday party and he’d invited his entire family including nana.  He introduced me to them as his psychic partner which was strange and unsettling.  I was showered with extravagant gifts from not only him but his his family as well, strangers I had just meet.  There was a watch, expensive cologne and flight vouchers with came with the comment “for when you move down here”.  What was worse  was the birthday cake with my photo on it which he must have got from my Facebook page.

I realised my dreams had been warning me; I had become his trophy. After dinner he took me to a casino for drinks and to meet his friend, a black jack dealer who changed his thousand dollars in to chips. I didn’t want any part of gambling and I made that perfectly clear. He still persisted in asking questions about the possible outcome of cards.  He obviously thought he could use me to win big, but every time he asked me to predict an outcome I simply said no. After that experience I found his energy was becoming toxic to me.

After a few days of sight seeing he had to go back to work for a couple of days.  I was given strict rules to follow.  The first rule was no smoking even though he knew I was a smoker. I was not to go out without him. There was a specific way things were to be placed in the refrigerator and there was one room that was never to be used. I felt like a child. It wasn’t so much the words he said but the energy behind them.  It was menacing.  I felt like if I disobeyed his rules there would be consequences.  I thought to myself “Hell no!” and I knew I had to get the hell out of there before I ended up handcuffed naked and faced down on a mattress in his basement.  Soon as he go home I told him I wanted to leave.  Needless to say this did not go down well. His energy become even more intense and very negative. As I still had a few cigarettes left from my attempt to quit I thought “Fuck it!” I waited for him to have a shower and went outside for a smoke. When I returned inside I noticed the energy in the room was what I could only describe as filthy. I walked in to the living room and he proceeded to berate me  like a child.

I told him I’d had enough and I was going to make my own decisions and wouldn’t be treated like a child any more. He advised he had a meeting to go to and said he was locking me inside and would deal with me later. I was not impressed with the situation but I also feared the energy he was now radiating.

Like an episode of Prison Break I knew it was now or never.  With no keys my only option was to break a window to escape.  I took a taxi to the airport and got the next flight home.  The moral to this storey is never ignore your intuition.  No matter what you may want, your intuition will always tell you what you need.

This blog will continue as i will go deeper inside my psychic experiences and teachers so stay tuned

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The First Spiritual Cleansing

I started divulging all of my spiritual challenges to my new spiritual teacher. She then explained to me I need to experience the challenges life was throwing my way in order to grow and learn from them for future reference. She then went in to teaching me ways of spiritual cleansing starting with cursed objects people would bring to her. These objects were mostly jewellery, so pretty to look at but filthy with bad wishes or with the remnants of a bad relationship. It was very interesting to feel and see these energy imprints, and it taught me to focus on the difference between the events from the energy.

She introduced me to herbs, flowers and spices such as frankincense, sage, dragons blood, myrrh, acacia,bergamot, lotus flower and many more to learn their metaphysical properties.  I also learnt about the metaphysical properties of a range of gem stones.

My spiritual teacher was very happy with the knowledge I was absorbing and the strange thing was it was almost as though I knew bits and pieces of the teachings already.  She advised me it’s not uncommon due to past lives and my special connection to spirit. I was then ready to move in to the next stage of my apprenticeship, house cleansing.

I was given a copy of the lords prayer to read and was told I needed to read it over and over again while cleansing a house.  While reciting the prayer I had to manipulate the smoke of a sage stick in a specific pattern passed down to her from her original spiritual teacher.

It was time to my very first house cleansing and I went with her to assist. As we arrived I felt the my hairs stand up all over my body. As the front door opened we both shared a look, and both sharing the same thought. We proceeded in side the two story victorian home and sat down in the living-room. The owner looked like he hadn’t slept in a while with black bags under his eyes.  He told us this would not work. We advised the owner a cleansing will only last for a year and then another would need to be performed. I would like to clarify when a psychic medium is in a room with another our gifts are concentrated. The energy in the home was so sporadic and thick. The temperature was very cold even though we could see heaters were on.

As the owner was discussing the experiences he was having with full detail I heard running up and down the stairs.  As I looked over thinking it was a child, I noticed a shimmer followed by a very obscure whisper  asking us to “Get out” followed by a strong odour I can only explain as rotting flesh. I caught my spiritual teacher’s eye and noticed my arm was bleeding from what looked like three scratch marks from a sharp needle. The owner was quick to advise this had happened to him and the house was getting much worse.

The cleansing started as we went room by room clearing every opening. Still hearing the noise up and down the stairs getting faster and louder as we approach closer. We then began clearing the stairs hearing a loud growling noise.   We  persisted and continue to the first room on the second floor. I was picking up that the house being used as a brothel or drug house in the past and was later told I was correct.

While clearing the last room in the home the smudge stick was starting to crackle, the  floor started to make a faint vibration feeling followed by books flying off the bookcase with such force and hate behind them. I then felt the course thick air start to lift, and the hairs on my neck going down indicating the cleansing was complete.

This blog will continue as i will go deeper inside my psychic experiences and teachers so stay tuned

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Spiritual Teachers, Negative Entities and Moving Forward

After leaving the spiritual church due to it changing in to something more like a cult, and also the fact that I started to feel used and abused by them, I was unsure if I wanted to continue with my spiritual journey. Soon after the realisation came that this is not a choice.

A good way to explain it is like holding your breath. You simply can’t hold your breath for to long as instinct kicks in our automatic response is to breathe. It’s not like a light switch, you can not simply turn it off.   It’s just the way we psychics are.

So I worked on personal techniques to not be so sensitive.  I realised I could walk in to a random place and pick up on things the average person couldn’t see or feel. I could sense the energy there without having to acknowledge it.  This saved some energy but I felt it was not enough.  I screamed for help, putting it out to the universe, as I would rather not go back to the Spiritual church and feared other spiritual churches would have gone down the same path. My employment at that time was working at a night club under age. That same night while working,  I sensed a strong energy attraction and approached this random woman.  I complemented her on an amethyst ring she was wearing while automatically examining her energy.  As soon as I noticed her there was purple (the colour of psychic) in her aura I was randomly advised I need to protect my self more. She then offered to help me with my journey and felt I was in need of a spiritual teacher.

I learnt ways of protection through her teachings as well as different tarot card spreads and meditation techniques. When there was noting else to learn I move on to another spiritual teacher, I my self have had 12 so far in my life and would not be where I am today with out there guidance. Its like a high frequency both of us put unknowingly out to the universe and are destined to meet, teach and learn.

My next step at 17 was to leave the negative living arrangements as I was made independent by the government.I was witnessing to many negative energies at the home and remember that night where I awoke to a pressure on the end of my bed followed by a growl, I awoke to see a shadow man grabbing my ankles ripping me from my bed to across the room.

Using my  newly acquired protection techniques I managed to get away with deep purple handprint bruises on my ankles.That morning I advised my aunt and uncle  was sick of their abuse and the house and I could not live in such a negative environment.

Of course there was an issue with me leaving as they advised abruptly I would never be anything in my life and no one could ever love me. I chose to ignore and turned my back. Immediately after doing so I had verification from spirit so strong warning me of danger.  I turned to see my aunt running at me with intention to seriously hurt me. With what I can only explain as the strength of 100 men I some how caught her while she jumped to kick me down.  I said I am not letting you hurt me anymore and literally threw her away.

My uncle the body builder tried to do the same thing so I caught him as well and literally threw him away from me also. I called the police and gathered my things to live with a friend.  Leaving all of the negativity behind me.

Soon after I met another significant spiritual teacher.  I shared my experiences with the negative entities with her and she taught me about spiritual cleansing.  She advised me of the effects living in a negative environment and how there is never a permanent fix but possibly a temporary one.

This blog will continue as i will go deeper inside my psychic experiences and teachers so stay tuned

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The Awakening

This all started when I was three and when I say “this” I mean my psychic ability.

They say these things happen when you witness an extraordinary life experience,  for example a near death experience like a car crash or something much worse. For me, I have been told, it was the passing of both my parents at three years of age.

I went from foster home to foster home, followed by abuse after abuse and finally ended up with my aunt and uncle as guardians. Soon after verbal abuse turned to physical abuse, not only from both my aunt and uncle but from negative entities as well.

My very first experience with psychic ability was hearing my mother whispering in my ear telling me to be strong.  I felt both comfort and fear at the same time.  However, the next experience was hearing my uncle call my name.  I sat up and saw a disfigured shadowy person with long fingers, it started taunting me when it noticed I could see it.

Little did I know being in a negative environment is like a sponge to the negative entireties, inviting them in to feed off the fear and imprints left by us.  I told my aunt and uncle who called the police.  After that I became even more of a stigma to the family. I was sent for testing to make sure I was not mentally ill. To their surprise I did not, and so they put it down to imaginary friends.

I was not aware I was special until my great grandmother witnessed me playing with a deck of cards when I was seven.  I had placed the cards unknowingly in a specific spread my mother used to use. She was shocked and told me what I had done.  She then asked me numerous questions on spiritual subjects while writing down my answers.

I was then taken to a well known spiritual church where I was made to perform certain tests.  The first test was 50 objects warped In brown paper bags.  I was made to choose ten items at random and place them on top of folded over pieces of paper. The tester would then reveal names of items followed by the unwrapping of the bags.  They were astonished when they saw I had placed the items correctly.

For over seven years every weekend at random times I was able to escape my abusive home to learn tarot, numerology, psychometry, runes as well as work on spirit connection, aura work, energy feeling and awakening my third eye.

I became very sensitive to my surroundings and would often see people in my room that weren’t there when I went to check.   I would walk in to random homes and pick up on fights or past loved ones.

As my abilities grew my aunt and uncle banned me from having any friends as I had embarrassed them by revealing one of my cousins friends secrets, but I had also picked up on their secrets and was severely punished for it.

By this time I had stopped going to the spiritual church as it had changed over time.  It had turned in to more of a cult that was draining my energy more and more.

This blog will continue as i will go deeper inside my psychic experience’s and teachers so stay tuned.

XSo Mote it BeX